• Table Cloths and Runners

  • Centrepiece Occasions provide table cloths in many different sizes and colours and we also provide matching napkins to complete your captured look. All our table cloths and napkins are laundered and ironed to ensure they give a crisp clean look to any table that is ready to be decorated.


  • We also provide table runners in any colour to match with your colour scheme or sash colour.

  • Top Table and Cake Table Swags are very popular with our customers. This gives the head table or a table that has an attraction on it a very dramatic look and can centrepiece a celebration.

    (In the picture below is our Starlight Backdrop that is also available for hire, this gives a dramatic finish and will cause a centre of attraction to any room).

  • At Centrepiece Occasions we will endeavour to transform your venue into your dream. We will try to match your theme to our many colours we have in stock so please contact us to discuss your requirements.



    White or Ivory Linen Napkins £0.99 Each

    White/Ivory Or Black 90" Round Table Cloths £7.50 (for a 5ft round table)
    White/Ivory Or Black 120" Round Table Cloths £9.50 (for a 6ft round table)

    White/Ivory Or Black 54" x 54" Square Table Cloths £2.95 
    White/Ivory Or Black 54" x 70" Table Cloths £3.50 
    White/Ivory Or Black 70" x 70"Table Cloths £5.00 
    White/Ivory Or Black 90" x 90" Table Cloths £7.00
    White/Ivory Or Black 70" x 108" £7.95 
    White/Ivory Or Black 70" x 144" £8.95


    Top Table Bows and swags from £20.00 
    Cake Table Bows and swags from £20.00 

    Top Table Swagging (Up to 6ft) £20.00
    Top Table Swagging (Up to 12ft) £32.00
    Top Table Swagging (Up to 18ft) £40.00
    Top Table Swagging (up to 24ft) £47.00



    90" Round Table £2.99 (for a 5ft round table)
    120" Round Table £3.50 (for a 6ft round table) 

    54" Length Table £2.99 
    70" Length Table £3.99
    90" Length Table £4.99
    108" Length Table £5.99
    144" Length Table £7.99